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Wedding Invitations

How many invitations to order, is a questions we are often asked.  Here's a few tips to help you order the correct number...over-ordering can cost you lots more money than you need to spend, and under-ordering can cause unnecessary stress.....

Wedding invitations

You only need to send 1 invitation per couple or family, you don't need to send an invitation to each indivdual.  We recommend adding a dotted line to your wedding invitation wording, (see our example wording) so as to be specific about who is (and isn't) invited.

Evening invitations

Again you only need to send 1 invitation per couple of family.

Orders of Service

This is personal choice, you can order 1 per person or 1 per couple.  It's a good idea to order a few extras for neighbours, distant friends etc who may not be invited to the day or evening reception but may wish to pop along to the church to see your marriage ceremony.  Your vicar will also advise if additional copies are needed for the choir (if you're having one).