Order of Service guide attendees through a funeral, letting them know what happens at what time.

But do you need them? And why?

Do you need them?

We think the answer to this is definitely YES! Order of Service are so useful for guiding guests through the service, and include wording for any hymns so that they can sing along. Without their own Order of Service, guests may feel confused as to what's happening and not be able to join in on the service as much as they would like to.

Many guests also like to keep Order of Service as a memento of the funeral, as they include all of the details of the day, as well as photos of the deceased. They are an important part of the service!

Do I Need a Funeral Order of Service? - Funeral Order of Service - Pink Photograph Memories

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They are available in a wide range of designs, meaning that you can find something that you really love and that matches the personality of the deceased. Fully personalise with all of the details of the funeral service to complete.

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