Planning a funeral can be very difficult, and creating a meaningful funeral can seem even trickier!

We are here to help you, with some easy ways to create a meaningful funeral:


Making a funeral personal is a huge part of making it meaningful! You want to make sure that the funeral perfectly reflects the life and the personality of your loved one who has sadly passed away.

There are many ways that you can do this - from your outfit choices to the songs, readings, and stationery at the ceremony.

Religious Ceremonies

If the person who passed away was religious, you want to make sure that the service is too, even if you aren't religious yourself.

Some easy ways to make a ceremony religious is to add religious readings, hymns, and decorations.

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You can even buy religious funeral stationery! It is easy to add religious touches to a funeral service.

Poems and Readings

You can also make a funeral service meaningful with poems and readings.

Add their favourite poems or book extracts to the service to make it special - and be sure to tell everyone that they loved these poems!

If you don't know what their favourite poem or reading was, then choose something that you think reflects them well, or a poem that their other family members love.

Getting their closest friends or relatives to read out these poems or readings will also add so much meaning to the funeral.


Choosing the right music can also make the funeral more meaningful. Again, choosing songs that you know they loved is a really special way to personalise the service.

If your loved one played an instrument, then you could also have music from this instrument played at the funeral.


Don't underestimate the power of beautiful stationery! Stationery can add so much meaning to a funeral service, and lots of stationery pieces can also be used as keepsakes.

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