It can be hard to know what to say when sharing your condolences, but it’s important to say something. Leaving a message in a card or a condolence book shows that you care and that you're there for the family of the person who has sadly passed away.

If you’re not sure how to express condolences when someone passes away, here are some messages you can use:

Simple Condolence Messages

If you are struggling to find the right words, a simple condolence message is a good option. You would normally leave a simple message after the death of someone that you didn't know very well, such as one of your friend's distant relatives.

  • With heartfelt condolences.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief.
  • I am deeply sorry for your loss.
  • My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
  • My heart aches for your loss, and I want you to know that I am always here for you
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Sudden/Unexpected Death Messages

An unexpected death can be so hard to deal with, especially alone, so finding the right message is important for showing your support and showing that you care.

  • I’m stunned by this news. I’m so very sorry for your loss.
  • I am truly sorry to hear of your unexpected loss. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
  • My heart goes out to you and your family after your loss. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
  • I was deeply saddened to hear your shocking news. My heart goes out to you at this sad time.
  • Words can’t describe how sorry I am at this loss. You’re in my prayers.

Loss of a Parent

Losing a parent never gets easier. Show that you care with one of these heartfelt messages:

  • Your mum/dad was such an incredible person. No one can ever replace them.
  • Your mum/dad was like a second mum/dad to me growing up. I’ve always remembered the good times and the lessons they taught me.
  • No matter how old we are, it’s never easy to lose a parent. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve.
  • I didn’t have the chance to know your mum/dad, but they must have been someone special to have raised an amazing daughter/son like you.
  • It is so hard saying goodbye to a parent. I am thinking of you.

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Loss of a Partner

Show your support for a friend or family member who has lost their partner with one of these messages. They will rely on support in this upsetting time.

  • I'm truly sorry for the loss of your amazing husband/wife.
  • I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Remembering your beautiful love story today and always.
  • What you both shared was truly special. You loved each other so much.
  • Someone who you shared your life with will forever be a part of you. I'm thinking of you as you remember your husband/wife.
  • Your love story is beautiful to all who know you. I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

Loss of a Sibling

Losing a sibling is one of the most difficult thing to experience in life. These messages will mean so much to them:

  • I am so sorry for the loss of your sister/brother. 
  • I am so glad I had a chance to know your sister/brother. He/she was an amazing person who will be forever missed. 
  • I wish I had been able to meet your sister/brother. I know how much they meant to you.
  • Our siblings carry a piece of our hearts in theirs. I am sorry for your loss.
  • Thinking of you and your family.

Loss of a Child

It is so difficult to know what to say when somebody close to you loses their child, and finding the right message is important.

  • Missing them right along with you.
  • There are no words for such an unimaginable loss. You’re in my thoughts.
  • Even though they were only with us for a short time, they filled the world around them with so much joy!
  • It feels wrong that you should have to say goodbye to your child. Please know that you are not alone in how you feel.
  • I will do whatever I can to support you in the weeks and months to come.

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Signing Off

Don't forget to sign off your message with a heartfelt closing. These are some of our favourite ways:

  • With sympathy,
  • With love,
  • Your friend,
  • Thinking of you,
  • My sincere condolences,

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